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Smiling woman standing in front of a bowl of fruit in a sunny tiny kitchen.

About Tiny.Kitchen

Smiling woman standing in front of a bowl of fruit in a sunny tiny kitchen.

Welcome to Tiny.Kitchen. My name is Valerie and I whip up the goodies around here while I teach you how cook great food in a tiny kitchen. Whether you’re in a tiny house, small apartment, or an RV, I bring you recipes, cooking techniques, and ideas to master your small space.

My recipes consist of both original creations and adapted classics that focus on using simple ingredients and tools that are common to most tiny kitchens. Many recipes also have short cooking videos, so you can even watch how it’s made before you get started.

How It All Began

In 2014, I began traveling the United States full-time in a 24-foot RV. While it may sound like an amazing life of hiking, tourism, and travel… I was still living. I worked; I hung out at home; and I liked to eat!

When I first moved into that tiny space, I found that many recipes could be really difficult to make. Cooking in a tiny kitchen has many unique concerns that most food blogs don’t address. Many recipes use fancy (and bulky!) equipment, hard-to-get ingredients, require a ton of dishes, and need a lot of counter space to work. None of that was going to happen in my house without some major tweaks and a good deal of trial-and-error.

That’s why I created Tiny.Kitchen. I’ve dedicated myself to troubleshooting cooking techniques and recipes to work specifically for tiny kitchens that have limited space, tools, and other resources. Everything you see here is made in my tiny kitchen—so I know it’ll work for you.

First Time At Tiny.Kitchen?

What You Will Find

  • Recipes that use fresh or homemade ingredients.
    My pantry is small and my expectations are high, so I try to cook from scratch as much as possible. There are certain exceptions, but in order to maximize my storage space (and stay healthy) I like to avoid having a ton of packaged foods around.
  • Details about resource usage like water, power, or space.
    Living in an RV, I have limitations on certain resources and you might too. Each recipe specifically discusses what to expect both during and after preparation. Additionally, cooking in a smaller space tends to take longer. I also include advice on how to prepare and store recipes and ingredients so you can save time later on.
  • Short cooking videos.
    Alongside most of my recipes, I record the preparation process. It’s always useful to get an idea of how a recipe is made before you start. Each cooking video is about a minute long and highlights the ingredients and procedures involved in making the dish.
  • Helpful tips for living small.
    Pantry and refrigerator organization, storage, meal planning, and natural cleaning methods are all very important when you’re working in just a few feet. I’m here to work out these issues so you don’t have to!
  • Spicy food.
    I love spicy food and since everything I post is also something that I eat, you can find quite a few fiery concoctions. Not every recipe is spicy, but when it’s called for, you can expect me to bring the heat.

What You Won’t Find

  • Recipes that I haven’t made in my tiny kitchen.
    I wasn’t always cooked in a tiny kitchen, so I have a lot of dishes that I know how to make. However, if I haven’t made it in my tiny kitchen, you won’t see it here. There’s no point in sharing something if I can’t contribute first-hand experience on how it’s done in a small space.
  • Fancy appliances or equipment.
    Space is an absolute premium when you’re living small. The tools that I use are common, everyday items that often have multiple uses in the kitchen. Not everyone owns a KitchenAid™ mixer, a sous vide water oven, or a blast chiller. I pay attention to these uncommon kitchen items, avoid most unitaskers, and provide alternate methods whenever possible.
  • Sponsored posts and products I don’t trust.
    If I don’t believe in using a product, you won’t find me pushing it. Keeping the lights on is great and all, but I’m running Tiny.Kitchen because I love food and I think my techniques and ideas will help others eat and live better in their tiny spaces. Any specific brand or product that I do happen to promote is one whose quality I stand behind.

Recipe Use, Photography, and Licensing

Tiny.Kitchen is brought to you by Trynd LLC. All photography, videos, and writing are copyright © 2017—2023 by Trynd LLC unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of these materials without express and written permission is prohibited. Do not crop or remove watermarks from photos or videos. Read my terms & privacy policy for more information.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through my contact page.

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